Second Cruise of the BRITICE-CHRONO Project

The second cruise of the BRITICE-CHRONO project is now underway. RSS James Cook is doing a geophysics and coring survey for the month of July in the North sea and the continental shelf and fjords of northern Scotland and Shetland. The aim is to collect subsurface samples (vibro and piston corers) to then find shells and forams for radiocarbon dating which will be used to constrain the timing of retreat of the last ice sheet that covered Britain during the last ice age (27,000 years ago). We are currently surveying north of Cape Wrath passing over a spectacular series of moraines on the seafloor.

Live updates on ship position and occasional blogs can be seen on the project website. The project is funded by a NERC consortium grant (£3.7 M) led by Chris Clark in Geography.