Call for Presentations – UK Arctic Science Conference 2015


The University of Sheffield is hosting the UK Arctic Science Conference, 16th – 18th September 2015, with financial and administrative support from the NERC Arctic Office. This three day conference aims to bring together UK Arctic scientists of all natural and social science disciplines to present and discuss recent findings.

The Local Organising Committee includes:

  • Professor Grant Bigg (Chair, Geography, oceanographer and meteorologist)
  • Dr Gareth Phoenix (Deputy Chair, Animal & Plant Sciences, terrestrial ecologist)
  • Dr Andrew Sole (Geography, glaciologist and fjord modeller)
  • Dr Darrel Swift (Geography, long term landscape evolution/geology/geomorphology)
  • Dr Donatella Zona (Animal and Plant Sciences, biodiversity and geochemical fluxes)

The organisers welcome presentations on the following topics:

  • Terrestrial Biogeochemistry
  • Terrestrial Ecology
  • Arctic Oceanography
  • Ice-Ocean Interaction
  • Landscape Processes and Dynamics
  • Arctic Climate
  • Terrestrial Cryosphere: Snow and ice – past and present
  • Arctic Change – implications for society and culture

Abstract submission deadline: Friday 31st July 2015

Location: Richard Roberts Auditorium, The Richard Roberts Building, University of Sheffield

The University is also hosting two additional side meetings:

  • UK sea-ice group meeting (15th – 16th September)
  • The Challenger Society AGM (16th September)

For more information regarding all these meetings, see: