The Sheffield Marine Research Forum has a diverse membership from across the University.

    Professor Grant Bigg

    Steering Group

    Chair in Earth Systems Science. Ocean and climate modelling, marine climate change specialising in polar and tropical regions. Palaeoceanography: modelling and interpreting observations. Icebergs and their role in the ocean’s freshwater flux. Interactions between climate change and society.

      Professor Paul Blackwell

      Steering Group

      Disciplinary background: Mathematics and statistics, with particular interests in Bayesian statistics, stochastic modelling, and ecological & environmental applications. Interested in statistical inference for all sorts of models, especially ecological ones. Examples include inference for fish and coral reef ecosystem models; analysis of remote sensing; telemetry for marine mammals

        Dr Tom Webb

        Steering Group

        I try to understand the distribution of marine biodiversity at regional to global scales, applying macroecological approaches and developing computational and visualisation methods to deal with large datasets covering many taxonomic groups. I am interested in how these large-scale patterns are influenced by smaller-scale processes, including both ecological interactions and human activities.

          Professor Lucy R Wyatt

          I have been working on HF radar oceanography for over thirty years, 28 of these at the University of Sheffield where I am a professor in the School of Mathematics and Statistics. My research has been mainly focussed on inverse methods to extract oceanographic information (waves, currents and winds) from HF radar signals. In 2004 I formed a company, Seaview Sensing Ltd, to commercialise the software developed in my group.  Our software is installed in systems in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Middle East and Europe. From 2011 to 2014 I was the Director of the Australian Coastal Ocean Radar Network.

            Dr Jonathan Rayner

            Reader in Film Studies, School of English

            I am interested in the definitions of tradition, national history and cultural identity associated with the portrayal of navies on screen. I am currently working on representations of the Royal Navy in the First World War, and on a book exploring the Navy’s image on British television since the 1970s.

                Dr Andrew Sole

                I am a glaciologist with interests in fjord oceanography and ice-ocean interactions particularly in Greenland. My research is focused on furthering our understanding of the mass balance and dynamic stability of the Greenland Ice Sheet (GrIS) in a changing climate through the use of numerical modelling, satellite and airborne remote sensing and fieldwork.

                  Dr Maria del Mar (Mariona) Segura-Noguera

                  Marie-Skłodowska-Curie Fellow.

                  I am a marine microbiologist and biogeochemist. I study the relationship between the distribution of nutrients in the ocean and the elemental composition of plankton. I use energy-dispersive X-ray microanalysis (EDS, EDX or XRMA), to study the elemental composition and stoichiometry of dinoflagellates, diatoms and coccolitophores at a single-cell level.

                      Dr Maria Huete-Ortega

                      Postdoctoral Research Associate.

                      My research deals with the study of the structure and metabolism of marine phytoplankton communities, how they acclimate and adapt to changes in environmental factors and how this knowledge can be used to bioengineer microalgae for producing bioenergy and value-added products. To achieve this, I do the following research approaches: trait-based ecology, microalgae eco-physiology and systems biology by combining high throughput proteomics and transcriptomics.

                          Hayley Bannister

                          PhD Student in Animal & Plant Sciences focusing on quantifying the uncertainties associated with marine ecosystem model ensembles and looking at how we can communicate this to non-specialist audiences.

                            Hannah Barrett

                            PhD student, Dept. of Geography, focusing on reconstructing El Niño Southern Oscillation using data from the historical logbooks of ships. Interests: Climate variability, atmosphere-ocean interactions and climate change.

                                Christopher A Griffiths

                                My research explores the complexities of fish movement at the population and community level in response to anthropogenic exploitation and climate change. Currently I utilise individual tagging data to test and explore the assumptions of marine size spectrum models, with the ultimate aim of incorporating more biological realistic movement and spatial dynamics into these complex community models. Prior to my PhD I gained an MRes from the University of Aberdeen, successfully constructing an individual-based growth model for sandeels (Ammodytes spp.) in the North Sea, and a BSc in Biology from the University of Sheffield.

                                    Emma John

                                    PhD student in Animal & Plant Sciences, focusing on how environmental variability will drive macroecological patterns of biodiversity across marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

                                      Alun Jones

                                      PhD student in Animal & Plant Sciences focusing on deriving trends in global marine biodiversity using data from OBIS (the Ocean Biogeographic Information System), whilst employing statistical methods to deal with unstructured and biased data. Research interests include marine ecology, biodiversity, conservation, data visualisation, and macroecology.

                                          Beth Mindel

                                          PhD student in Animal and Plant Sciences studying variation in deep sea fish communities over space and time. Research interests include macroecology, trait-based analysis, diversity and indicators.