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SMRF interactive workshop

This Sheffield Marine Research Forum event will be an interactive workshop centered around the following three questions:

1) Who are the end-users of my research and how do(have) they benefit(ed) from it?

2) What other disciplines/expertise would help to advance my research and how?

3) What are the biggest science/policy challenges in the marine environment in the next 10 years?

The aims are to:

– identify and take advantage of internal links to enhance collaborative research, interdisciplinary research funding and attract new people
eg., H2020 Blue Growth, interdisciplinary Fellowships, Studentships, Shine, etc.

– identify the scope and breadth of impact and end-users of our research
eg., to build new industry-policy links, which will immediately feed into invitations to outgoing/incoming visitors, a SMRF “by the sea away day”, website and a workshop in September (funded activities from accelerator grant)

– build the research/impact capacity to address major challenges in marine environmental research at Sheffield over the next 10 years
eg., Futures 2022 , long term Blue Growth strategy

Thu 27 Feb 2014 15:00 – 17:00
Alfred Denny Building Room D219 (Animal & Plant Sciences Common Room)